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Art with Spirit Philosophy

Art is a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual expression of my thoughts, feelings and spirit. The process of breathing life into each piece of art is a freeing and affirming experience. It allows me opportunity to explore new aspects of relationships, community, the world and self. I value the prospect of bringing shared visions to life through commissioned works.

Art in Practice

All pieces are imbued with spirit. Mindful presence is held throughout the process of completing each piece. A variety of mediums are used to create beautiful and often functional art. Photos of past works and currently available pieces are posted below.

To purchase available pieces or to commission a piece contact Dawn at

Gallery of current items for sale

Thunder Drum  gourd body, african porcupine quills, inset lapis and agate stones, deer skin drum head and coiled spring with small ceramic end knob.


Gallery Samples of past work

Kayak Paddle carved from single piece of Ceder (2″x8″x8′) with adjustable ferrel added along with drip rings. Abalone and shell inlay, painted with top quality sign paints for color longevity and sealed (multiple coats) with marine varnish for durability.

Full Length.JPGPaddle Ends Seperated.jpg

Thunder Drum carved (scratch mark sound holes) and wood burned (black bear paw prints) gourd, inset zuni turquoise bears along lower portion just above ties for the deer skin drum head and coiled spring with small ceramic end knob.

photo 1.JPG

Another Thunder Drum wood burned and painted with color stains and part of a matched set with the Rain Stick gourd filled with beans for sound, wood burned and painted with color stains.

Thunder drum Eucalyptis.jpgRain Stick Eucalyptis.jpg

Feather Fan elk horn handle with carved grizzly bear paw print on one side and spiral on the other, turkey feathers (royal palm breed), wrapped with colored threads, leather dangles with jingle cone ends


Walnut wood slide top box with antler handle on top along with obsidian and antler awl with sheath and shell, bone bead necklace


Drum and Beater 24″ maple wood frame, wood burned horses on inside of the drum frame, carved wood grizzly bear claws on outside of frame under drum hide, horse hide drum head, tied in dream catcher format with single strand of horse hide tie, beater is madrone wood with natural bark left on, beater head is Pendleton wool blanket remnant covered by stitched leather.  handle has coiled copper wire for grip and leather thong, and horse hair held in copper cone.


Sticks and Stones Jewelry Collection Assorted necklaces made of wood with stone inlay or inset and copper figures.  First three pictures (top row and left second row) feature zebra wood, crushed cryschole stone and coper wire figures.  Next group (middle row right two  and third row) feature turquoise – crushed inlay and inset nugget.  Last group features poplar wood with either crushed turquoise, cryschole or lapis inlay.

More to come.

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