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Wind Rider – Dawn M. Schmidt, LMT


Dawn M. Schmidt, LMT

I originally learned massage while training to become an athletic trainer at California State University Fullerton. I began providing massage to select athletes and referrals while I finished my education. Realizing athletic training was not my true path I shifted programs and completed my Bachelors of Science in Physical Education/Kinesiology and became a credentialed teacher for K-Adult in California. All the while I continued to practice massage “on the side”. Prior to leaving California I taught for a few years in public education.

Eventually I moved to Washington and in 1991 received my license to practice massage. I have been practicing here ever since. I began teaching massage, kinesiology and other topics first at Seattle Massage School (now closed) for 7 years and then Brenneke School of Massage (later Cortiva, Seattle which is now closed) for 11 years. I also taught massage at Bastyr University for 17 years. I continue to serve as a guest presenter at local massage schools and I teach advanced techniques, ethics and various other continuing education topics for licensed therapist. I also served as Director of Education at both SMS and Brenneke, and served on the Commission of Massage Therapy Accreditation supporting the advancement of massage education, professional practices and legislative activities (local, state and national).

I remain current with the latest research as it feeds my practice, teaching, consulting and spirit, advancing my understanding of the human anatomy and physiology, bio-psycho-social understandings of pain and much more. I consistently bring this information to the massage table, classroom, consultations and professional interactions.

I am an active volunteer. I contribute in the massage/health care industry, professional massage, education and health care organizations, and for research activities.

My parents encouraged the artist within me to explore various media supporting my ability to express what is deep in my spirit and soul.  Over the years I have explored drawing (pencil, charcoal and pen), painting (acrylics and watercolor), ceramics (hand building and wheel thrown), sculpting (clay and plaster), leather work, gourd craft, bead work/jewelry making, pyrography (wood burning), glass blowing, leaded glass work, wood work (carving and building), drum making and much more.  My latest exploration is wood-turning.  My futures list includes learning basic metal works.

I have fervor for human and animal rights, diversity and justice, celebration of life and vitality, respect, discipline, joy, happiness, health, wealth and success for all.

I believe we are all part of a whole and we each provide unique contributions.

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