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Updated July 13, 2020

Dear Clients, Family, Friends and Supporters,

Sadly the COVID-19 virus saga  continues.  I hope everyone is staying safe and well as businesses begin to reopen.  The serious risks continue for so many in our families and  communities.   Given the continued risks, my responsibility is to self, family and community I am extending the suspension of my Massage and Education business activities.  I am restricting Consulting activities to phone or web based interactions.  

My Massage practice is suspended through July 31st.  Education activities hopefully will resume July 25th.  Of course the caveat to all plans is the unknown progression of the virus and the potential of a second wave, Governors Proclamations and phased reopening guidance and Departments of Health and Education Guidances.  I will reevaluate as I get closer to these  dates and will revise as needed. 

You are important, so please say home and healthy   Tend to your wellness by practicing social distancing, staying home as much as possible, wear face coverings when out, wash your hands well and often, clean and sanitize surfaces regularly.  We make a difference for each other.



Be the wind rider
Catch flight, soar a far and within
Feel, aspire, uplift, attain, fly.

Ride the winds as they blow in the four directions,
catch the updrafts,
explore with support and respect,
and let spirit take you…


The Four Winds – spirits of the North. Each of the four winds represents one of the cardinal directions. In my business each wind also represents a different aspect of my work.
East – Massage/Bodywork
South – Education
West – Consulting
North – Art with Spirit
These focus areas are my passions. They fill my heart, mind and body each in their own unique way. I share these passions and invite you to take flight exploring the wind(s) of your choice.

My Vision
Advance awareness of wholeness within and oneness with all.

My Mission
To change lives through touch, teaching, consulting and art!

Value statements that support my mission:
• I believe in the profound healing power of touch as a mechanism for integrating body, mind and spirit.
• I consider education a life long process.
• I believe optimum health and wellbeing are achieved through bio-psycho-social means.
• I believe art is an expression of ones soul and can embody body, mind, emotion and spirit.
• I celebrate diversity, welcome and respect all.
• I value integrity, discipline, awareness and right action aligned with clear and consistent intention.
• I consider informed choice an empowerment tool for enhancing health, life, relationships, education, and professional practice.
• I hold myself accountable for my behavior, words and actions.
• I encourage maximization of potential.
• I manage my resources for my highest good and that of my family and community.