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Updated December 13, 2020

Dear Clients, Family, Friends and Supporters,

Hope you are remaining committed to your health and wellbeing, staying safe and wearing face masks.  I am hopeful that the vaccine will help move us all in a good direction.   However it is important for us all to remain vigilant, attentive and careful staying home as much as possible and masking fully when out.  The number of folks who are positive without symptoms,  symptomatic and ill, Ill and hospitalized and passing as a result of this virus is staggering.  Health care providers are stressed, getting exposed and sick, exacerbating the already overly stressful situation.   The serious risks continue for our families and  communities.    Out of an abundance of caution, given the available data and the increasing holiday driven risks I  am again suspending my practice.  I am checking data resources and deciding to be open or closed on a week to week basis. .  I feel sad it has to come to this however I believe it is the wisest approach in this situation.

Of course the uncertainty is challenging for us all, I am engaging in mindfulness  practices to build my resiliency and I trust you are tending to yourself as well.  I am attending to the Governors Proclamations and science based guidance and the Departments of Health and Labor and Industries Guidances.  I am continuing to check the state COVID-19 and County dashboards to ensure that I maintain compliance as fluctuations rise and fall..   If numbers drop below thresholds I will re-close to remain compliant with standards and expectations.  Should I be exposed or get COVID-19 I will be isolating, get tested and notifying all relevant clients of exposure risk or for need to cancel sessions.

You are important, and I am committed to protecting our mutual interests of health and well being.  In support of my efforts if you feel ill in the least please say home and healthy   Tend to your wellness by practicing social distancing, wear a mask when out, wash your hands well and often, clean and sanitize surfaces regularly and stay home as much as possible (avoiding group activities).  We make a difference for each other.



Be the wind rider
Catch flight, soar a far and within
Feel, aspire, uplift, attain, fly.

Ride the winds as they blow in the four directions,
catch the updrafts,
explore with support and respect,
and let spirit take you…


The Four Winds – spirits of the North. Each of the four winds represents one of the cardinal directions. In my business each wind also represents a different aspect of my work.
East – Massage/Bodywork
South – Education
West – Consulting
North – Art with Spirit
These focus areas are my passions. They fill my heart, mind and body each in their own unique way. I share these passions and invite you to take flight exploring the wind(s) of your choice.

My Vision
Advance awareness of wholeness within and oneness with all.

My Mission
To change lives through touch, teaching, consulting and art!

Value statements that support my mission:
• I believe in the profound healing power of touch as a mechanism for integrating body, mind and spirit.
• I consider education a life long process.
• I believe optimum health and wellbeing are achieved through bio-psycho-social means.
• I believe art is an expression of ones soul and can embody body, mind, emotion and spirit.
• I celebrate diversity, welcome and respect all.
• I value integrity, discipline, awareness and right action aligned with clear and consistent intention.
• I consider informed choice an empowerment tool for enhancing health, life, relationships, education, and professional practice.
• I hold myself accountable for my behavior, words and actions.
• I encourage maximization of potential.
• I manage my resources for my highest good and that of my family and community.